October 24th, 2011

В защиту Медведева

Если у вас проблемы с английским, то под катом перевод.

Students are forced to wash the blood off the walls after the visit of the President

Students of the Faculty of Journalism made wipe the blood in the building on Moss Street after the visit of Russian President on 20 October. In a statement posted in one of the popular social networking sites, it is emphasized that the campaign is to intimidate the opposition.

«Just the survivors must be forced to remove the remains of the dead. Everything is quite logical,» – said the KGB.

The survivors reported that they would welcome any items for cleaning, and called for volunteers to bring «mops, cloths, washing powder.»

Recall, on the eve of the president came to journalism, where he met with proven, pre-selected students, not just MSU. This is reported by the students themselves Journalism, supported his words with photographs of lists of participants in their blogs.

The building on the eve of Journalism hosted an unsanctioned rally, which was attended by seven young people. The students unfurled banners with the questions: «Why do you sit in Twitter, and Khodorkovsky – in prison?», «Have you consulted with the Prime Minister here before we go?», «You do not feel sorry for budget money for such an election?». All of them were personally executed by the President of Russia in a building of Moscow State University.

Some students who «lit up» as the opposition media correspondents, the KGB, has promised to lock in a psychiatric hospital with their families. One of the girls who wanted to ask the president, was murdered in cold blood on the stairs, then to her friend and a man came up and said, «I do not sessions will be gone. You can understand why.»

President of the Faculty Yassen Zasursky after the meeting said that security officials had exceeded their powers, the shooting of students and their families. He acknowledged that the same does not approve of the behavior of both KGB and the picketers. Nevertheless J. Zasursky asked that «the family be left alone.»

Read more: http://top.rbc.ru/society/21/10/2011/621454.shtml

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